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Morse-Brown Publishing is the publishing arm of Morse-Brown Design.

We make it easy to get your book published and in print - making it easy for you to become a published author. Our publishing package includes a unique and professional cover design, a crisp, clean layout, an ISBN number, worldwide listing on the Nielsen bookdata site, dispatch of your legal deposit copies, supplying Amazon UK and Amazon.com (USA), as well as file conversion to eBook formats for inclusion on the Apple iBook site and Google eBooks.

We have excellent relationships with printers for any size of print-run, from 20 copies to many thousands. We deliver nationwide and can also stock your book in order to be able to fulfil to Amazon UK and Amazon.com.



Our authors say we’re very pleasant to work with and highly competent. And very thorough, encouraging, cheerful and always willing to explain things. How nice.

I have published books with several major publishers, and recently with Morse-Brown Publishing. I have found the firm highly competent and very pleasant to work with. I could not have asked for better service... Read more.

John was very thorough and encouraging. He was always courteous and cheerful, and was always willing to explain fully all that I needed to know. He is prompt and efficient and has a meticulous eye for detail... Read more.

"It has been a pleasure to work with John. In designing our contemporary hymn book, he has been responsive, precise and reliable. He gave helpful advice to ensure that the publication is clear, durable and easy-to-use... Read more.

Albert the Forgetful Angel by Stewart Jones
Lavender in the Drawers by Jill Edgington
Felt Biscuits by Ouissi Gresty
Life's not always easy by Gordon kuhrt

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